Bethany Baptist Church
One Church in Two Locations

"Moving From Convenience to Commitment"
After School Program
Mission:  To provide students with assistance in their homework and other school related assignments.

Culinary Ministry
Mission:  To prepare and serve meals to the congregation during special church functions.

Deaf Ministry
Mission:  To study, teach, and interpret American Sign Language to bridge the gap between the deaf and hard of hearing and the hearing communities.

Dance/Mime Ministry
Mission:  To follow the vision of the Pastor, to give praises unto God and to worship and honor Him.  Also, to assist in ushering in the spirit of the Lord into the worship service.
Rehearsal days: 2nd, 3rd, 4th Saturday - 3-5 p.m.

Greeter's Ministry
Mission:  Greet worshippers as they enter into the house of God.

Marriage Ministry
Mission:  To identify problems in marriages, to provide counseling and positive solutions for maintaining strong marriage relationships.

Missionary Ministry
Mission:  To provide help to those in need, pray for and visit the sick members of the church.

Music Ministry
Mission:  To serve in the worship servce, to glorify God, and minister to the people of God through the art of music.

New Members' Ministry
Mission:  To assist in the spiritual development of new members with classes that explain the inner working of the church.

Nursery Ministry
Mission:  To provide care to children during Sunday service and help develop children to grow spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Parent Network Ministry
Mission:  To support, encourage and pray for the children and youth; to assist them in achieving their highest potential in becoming men and women of God.

S.W.A.T. Ministry (Soul Winning Action Team)
Mission:  To win souls to Christ for the building of the Kingdom of God through street ministry.

Ushers Ministry
Mission:  To minister to individuals as they enter the sanctuary by providing seating, collection of offerings, and after-service cleaning of the sanctuary.

Media Ministry
Mission:  To ensure the audio/video equipment is properly tested and functioning to aid in the worship service; to provide tapes and CD's of the sermon and worship service each Sunday to the members, broadcasting stations and the sick members.

Soup Kitchen/Food Pantry
Mission:  To provide nutritious meals once a week and distribute food monthly to individuals of the community who are in need.

Sunday School Ministry
Mission:  To glorify God by the teaching and edifying of His saints through the word of God.

Transportation Ministry
Mission:  To provide transportation for members to and from service.

We Care Ministry
Mission:  To provide services to the sick, shut-in and bereaved members of the church and the community.

Women's Ministry
Mission:  To provide support to encourage all women to enrich their personal life, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally through the work of God.

Youth & Young Adult Ministry
Mission:  To meet the spiritual, emotional, physical, social and economic needs and growth of the youth and young adults in the church and the community.

Fitness Ministry
Tuesdays and Thursdays 7pm - 8pm

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